Clinton Main Street Program

The Clinton Main Street Program was established in 1982 and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012 by defining a vision and plan of work for Downtown Clinton. The plan seeks to realize the vision by guiding the promotion and preservation of downtown, and by facilitating the strengthening and recruitment of downtown businesses. Four working Main Street Committees – Design, Promotion, Economic Restructuring, and Organization – were established in the fall of 2012 to accomplish the plan of work, and a Farmers’ Market Subcommittee was recently developed from the Economic Restructuring committee to expand the farmers’ market in downtown.

The board of the Clinton Development Corporation serves as the Advisory Board for the Clinton Main Street Program. Current members include:

Beth Stewart, President

Greg Thornton, Vice-President

Ed Carr, Treasurer

Frank Butler

Darue Bryant

Regina Parker

Cary Taylor

Each of the Main Street committees is working steadily to achieve their goals and objectives laid forth in the Clinton Main Street Program’s Plan of Work.

    • Organization:
        • Goal: To achieve a structure for the betterment of downtown to activate and maintain public-private partnerships.
        • Objective: To facilitate the growth of an economically viable downtown Clinton.
        • Members: Beth Stewart, Greg Thornton, Ed Carr, Frank Butler, Darue Bryant, Regina Parker, Cary Taylor


        • Goal: To create awareness of downtown Clinton and its diverse offerings.
        • Objective: To bring people downtown and create a destination for opportunities.
        • Members: Deborah Thompson, Kay Raynor, Dodd Brown, Hope Smith, Beth Cuevas, Tonya Parrish, Lisa Turlington, Angelia Freeman, Jessica Bashlor


        • Goal: To create an inviting downtown atmosphere at all times.
        • Objective: To encourage business and residential development while maintaining historic character.
        • Members: Debbie Roberts, Beth Stewart, Wendy Carr, Julie Stadig, Chasity Herring, Rachel Lane, Shawn Purdie, Eva Thornton, Natalie McCullen

      Economic Vitality:

        • Goal: To make downtown an attractive investment opportunity.
        • Objective: To maintain and grow the economic viability of downtown for current and future generations.
        • Members: Charlotte Carr, Bart Rice